Friday, December 18, 2015

Once Upon a Morning Fair with Promise

Once, Upon a Morning Fair with Promise
By Elizabeth G. Honaker

Once, upon a morning fair with promise,
The Prince of Life saw Lord and Father
Shed a tear upon the stony hearts of men.
“Is it time, Father?” asked the loving Prince.
“No, My son,” said Father, but gave permission
For the longing Prince to promise Life to a
Century-old man and his wife
Under a blazing sun,
And Laughter came forth.

Then, upon an afternoon filled with sweet delight,
The Lord of Lambs heard with Father-Giver
The moans of herd and flock as bleating sheep
Yielded lambs upon the grass.
“They need Me, Father. May I go?”
“Not yet, My Son,” but gave He permission
For the Perfect Lamb to wrestle with the
Lambing-lord who strove to feed his flock
Upon the choice grass of the Promised Land.

Still, upon an evening filled with bliss,
The Prince of Power met His Father-Glory
And watched as stone and wood and gold on earth
Made much too small a temple
For the God of wind and sea and stars.
“Your House is nearly finished, Father God,”
Said Power to Majesty. “May I soon go?”
”The time is not yet,” the I AM said,
But gave permission for the Jewel of Jews
To touch the Prophet’s lips with the burning coals
Off the ever-flaming altar.

At last, upon a midnight filled with diamonds,
The Gentle Father took His Son in hand.
“Farewell, My Heart,” said Father Love
As hands compressed that Glorious Greatness
Into the smallest diamond of all.
And as He parted with His All,
The pain resulted in the largest cry
As all of Heaven heard, “It is finished!”
And the Heart of God, eternally longing, broke open,
And spilled Joy where first had run blood.

In midst of day, with Heaven’s Joy abounding
In hearts made large by Son and Father God,
The angels blow their trumpets, and eyes look up
To see a dance foretold from Time Begun.
“May I go, Father?” asks the Son
“Your Bride is ready, Son,” the Father speaks with pride
As Prince and Life, Lord and Lover,
Lamb and Prophet, King and Creator
Clasp the white-robed Bride
In Eternal Embrace.

© 2011 Elizabeth G. Honaker

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