Thursday, April 30, 2015

To all my new readers

To all my new readers:
Those people who are familiar with John Bunyan’s great work, The Pilgrim’s Progress, might remember the Interpreter’s House. That is where Christian, before he comes to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, listens to instruction and guidance from the Interpreter concerning various visions and object lessons presented to him.
To more experienced people, the visions that the Interpreter explains might seem elementary or mundane. However, those less-traveled individuals – like some of the high-school-level homeschoolers that I tutor – might need a bit of plain talking to unravel the mysteries behind the visions.
That is where the name of the house and my purpose in writing this blog intersect. I am not claiming to be the “expert interpreter” that Bunyan envisioned in his work; rather, I am an Apprentice Interpreter, under the Master Interpreter himself. And I find myself – more often than not – longing to reveal the plain and simple meanings to the events happening in this day and age. A C.S. Lewis I am not, but I am a woman with a mind, and – God help me! – I use it to figure things out in this age of confusion.
If you would like to “hear” my remarks, teachings, opinions, revelations, statements, pontifications, dogmatisms, and such like, read on. If this sort of thing does not interest you, I wish you Godspeed as you resume your journey through the Internet.